Monday, July 9, 2012

Five Rivers 10'2" 3wt.

Finished up this beautiful rod for the european style nymphing on one the very few remaining Five Rivers blanks in my stock. The rod has a smooth fast action with great reserve down the butt section for fighting large fish. The tip is soft enough and sensitive for smaller fish too. This is a custom design blank I have worked on for years to get it right. Dan Craft at Five Rivers Rod Blanks in Oregon had it made for me and many prototypes were sent before chosing the right one. Competitors will find it extremely versatile as it can cast long leaders for french nymphing, throw a TT wf4 line in the whole length due to the extra power or can present a dry fly with a dt3 line with great precision just by loading up the tip section. Taper is extra fast, ultra light weight aproximately 2.5oz (aprox.70gr.) Haven't weighted this one in particular but this is from the previous builds on this blank. I'm offering it for sale at 375$ plus 35$ shipping. Please contact me if interested. Thanks for looking!

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