Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not another nymph stick..

Blank: Five Rivers FT 10'6" 4pc. 3wt with two tips (custom blank)
Guides: REC Recoil single foot light with H&H light wire chrome tip tops
Reel Seat: Struble U17 Aluminium Imbuya Wood
Handle: Extra select grade cigar shape with burnt cork accents
Thread wraps: Gudebrod Nylon garnet with silver single trims
Rod tube & sock: handmade
Rod weight: 96gr.
Application: "french style" nymphing


Stefan said...

Very nice!

Patrice said...

Very beautiful work !!!!

How can I contact you for building a rod for me ? Email ?


George said...

Hi Patrice! I have moved my email address slightly upper for easier viewing. Thank you!