Friday, February 15, 2013

Tom Morgan approved

I recently contacted Tom Morgan of Tom Morgan Rodsmiths to talk about his new fiberglass rods/blanks that were so highly anticipated by many of us.

He very much liked my work and after changing a few emails where we shared our stories about how we got into the sport of fly fishing, he invited me to become a dealer/rodmaker of his fiberglass rod blanks.

I was humbled. It is something I dreamed about ever since I first read about Tom Morgan's rod building legacy, passion and life. Surely is something to remember.

There is a pretty long waiting list for a Tom Morgan fiberglass rod blank but I'm most certain that the long wait will be well worth it.

I ordered one of his standard actions, a seven foot three weight fiberglass rod blank, for the start.

The blanks retail for $295. The special, lazer engraved tubes retail for $53. Bags retail for $27.

More detailed information about these stunning Tom Morgan fiberglass blanks are to be found here.

For those interested in a Tom Morgan fiberglass rod build, please contact me for details.


Jay said...

Congratulations George!
What an honor!
But you deserve it.

George Minculete said...

Thank you Jay! Indeed, it is a great honor. I can't wait to build one piece of jewerly from that work-of- art of a blank and to see how it feels.