Friday, February 1, 2013

T.F.M. Swift Epic

Carl McNeil of Swift Fly Fishing sent this gorgeus Epic 580 blank to be built and then demoed through Cameron Mortenson with his T.F.M. Rod Loan Program. 

The rod will be casted and fished across the US and will help people decide on what blank to choose for that one-of-a-kind fly rod.
The T.F.M. Swift Epic 580 was fitted to be a true "workhorse" of a five weight. It features Snake Brand Universal snake guides, chestnut silk wraps, a Lemke black anodized reel seat and walnut wood spacer. Grip is a flor grade half wells hand turned in the shop. 

I'm looking forward to see and build more of these beauties in the future!

Feel free to inquire about an Epic blank/build and thank you for looking at my work!



Carl McNeil said...

George, thank-you for making such a beautiful rod, it is absolutely delicious. You make our blanks look magical.

George said...

Carl, it was my pleasure to work on such a beautiful blank! Keep them coming!

Unknown said...

Awesome job, George! That rod is beautiful, and it looks like it wants to be used a lot. Have you casted it? It'd be really cool to get a review of the Swift blanks. Carl, you want to chime in?

George said...

Charles, I hope I will put a line on it before it goes out. I bet this will be a terrific rod to cast though. It is a "fast" glass rod by most standards. Thanks for the kind words! Cheers!

andrew parker said...

Excellent choice of "cosmetics" George.

What is the finished weight of your build of the Epic 580?

Cheers, Andrew

George said...

Thanks Andrew! I haven't weighted it sorry. Maybe on the second one. Cheers!