Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Swift Epic test cast

Test casted the Epic 580 today. 

Rio Gold #5 line. Abel Creek #1 reel was the perfect reel for this light five weight rod. 

The rod has a pretty fast taper and very light weight. It's very accurate in close and medium distances. The tip loads easy and it's crisp and precise. Very delicate presentations glass is known for. Plenty of reserve power in the butt section.

For longer distances I felt that I needed more load (#6 line) to get into the butt section for efective casts. Off the tip casts work well in close and medium distances, are fun and easy to do with the Epic 580. 

If you're a graphite guy that wants to try the "feel" of fiberglass, and looking for a rod to make some very precise and smooth casts ( with big dries, nymphs or streamers), the Epic 580 is one fiberglass rod you should consider.



Jay said...

Nice review George!
Haven't cast a real good quality glass rod yet.

One thing:
I can't get used to the white color...

George Minculete said...

Jay, there some great glass rods out there. You should try one of these sometime, a Steffen or a Kabuto. Different colors to choose from. Brown, yellow, orange, blue. Cheers!

Charles Wickman said...

Thanks for the good review, George. You built a beautiful rod, and it sounds like it fishes just as beautifully. When it makes it into TFM's demo fleet, I'd love to get ahold of it for a few days.

George Minculete said...

Charles, thank you for the kind words! Let me know your thoughts after you inspect the rod more closely and get to fish with it.