Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Special rods. London Fly Fishing Fair.

Here are some pics of the rods I built for the London Fly Fishing Fair. A Morgan glass 8'#3, a vintage J.K. Fisher Phenolic Glass (or the so called Light Line Glass) in 7'6" #3 (70's blank), the legendary Sage LL 8'9" #3 (NOS graphite III blank) and a vintage Steffen graphite in 8'6" #4 in three pieces and a rare blue color. There were a couple more glass rods I built for Alternative Tackle so a pretty comprehensive line of rods to say so with both modern and vintage designs .

I had the privilege to meet highly named builders like Kazutomo Ijuin, Chris Barclay, Christian Horgren, Nico Vreugdenhill, Luke Bannister and Callum Gladstone (Luke and Callum make some incredible bamboo rods) and other fantastic individuals. The show was an absolute blast. The level of the craftsmanship was as high as can be expected, the number of rods  that each builder brought was impressive and surely this was a  great time to show that glass is actually alive and kicking.

Huge thanks to Mark and Zack at Alternative Tackle for making this event possible. It was a great privilege to be a part of it!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The "thought" rod.

Yes, you've guessed well. This is another Tom Morgan 803 build and my last one unfortunately. My intention was to fish this rod in the gin clear streams of Romania this season. It could be a keeper or it could not. For me, even if a rod is highly collectable, if it doesn't cast and fish like it was intended, most likely will find a new owner. But this rod has a feel that no other rod has. It has the distinctive Winston "feel" but then it has even more due to the fiberglass material and magic touch of the great man and rod designer, Tom Morgan.

I took a bit more time to cast this beauty and..indeed this rod has an amazing touch and feel. Until the fishing season there are still a couple of months. Meanwhile this rod (and myself) will be present at the London Fly Fishing Fair thanks to Alternative Tackle 's  kind invitation to be part of this event along with other highly respected, very talented rod makers around. I feel very honored to participate and I hope to see some of you folks that follow and like the stuff that I do in London on the 23-24'th of march at the Alternative Tackle booth. Come and try a rod out at the casting pool and talk fly rod stuff. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sage One 690-4.

Here's another Sage build from the discontinued ONE series. 

Some folks have loved it and many have not. I can't argue its castability or light weight. 
I could really tighten those loops wich was pretty darn amazing. I have never fished it but I remember a norwegian friend who was nailing it on the 490 fishing for trout in western Norway one summer. 

I have another 790 to build later this year. Here's how this one stands out. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Steffen 7'3" 2/3wt.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope we'll all have a better year than the one that just passed. I don't pride myself with numbers of rods built, but I do take pride in the quality of the builds.

I built this beautiful Steffen rod for a good friend of mine. The 7'3" 2/3wt. is one hell of light trout rod that every creek guy should own. I preffered the 2pc. version in the past that sadly Mark is no longer making. I wish I would have kept it. Mark is 65 years old and he and his brother Tim will be focusing on just a few of their most popular models in the future.

Rod was appointed in dark hardware, dark bronze signature Lemke seat with a gorgeous maple wood insert. Wood received another coat of epoxy for that super lustrous finish. Dark nickel 8mm Struble agate with classic titanium snake guides and classic simple chestnut silk wraps.

The special leather case was crafted to accommodate two rods. A beautiful rod that will make my friend happy for seasons to come. Thanks for looking!