Friday, January 23, 2015

R.L. Winston GVX

While I'm still working on rods that folks ordered last year, there's always the need to do something fresh. For example this fine Winston rod that I've just finished. I have been wanting to do this project for some time, in this particular style. And when it comes to graphite, besides my Sage favorites, I have always had a thing for Winstons. This particular 8 1/2' 4 weight Winston GVX is one of those special rods that when the company discontinues it, you'd wish it will come back over time. Faster than the famous Wt's, the GVX stands out on it own with a silky smooth medium fast, progressive action. I've only casted this rod twice with a dt3 and wf4 line and that Winston feel is nothing you can compare it with. I actually really liked how it casted with the rio trout lt dt3 line. Nice controlled loops and great presentation. It has a very light weight too.

I wanted to have an original Winston style build but with some color accents that are not a standard. So this green beauty comes with a finely shaped handle that composes of flor grade cork and a piece of copano burl cork, wich complements the burled walnut wood spacer beautifully. A fine emerald green agate wrapped in medium green silk and low profile snake guides to complete the set. This rod is a well upgraded one compared to the factory rod that comes with larger guides, way more epoxy build up etc. I haven't weighted it but surely it's lighter.

Many of the folks that enjoy looking at my work and fishing my rods know that those perfect rods do not come easy. And many of the components I use are expensive, so to ease thing up, I am offering a stock build rod from time to time to fund new projects. Winston company offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on their blanks. And that coupled with my craftsmanship gives you a one-of-a-kind Winston rod at a very decent price.

This beauty here will be available in the UK at Alternative Tackle. Thanks for looking and your interest.


Friday, December 26, 2014

Morgan 6'9" 'light' 3wt.

The third Tom Morgan project is finished. The 6'9" "light" 3wt. is one incredibly smooth and ultralight fiberglass rod. This is probably the perfect small water dry fly rod. Appointed with a rare Struble piece of a reel seat, the famous D27 with diagonal knurling and stabilized amboyna wood spacer in dark nickel. The Struble agate stripping guide is wrapped in dark red silk along with the small, low profile snake guides. Ultrafine cigar cork grip with narrowed top to winding check for a smooth transition into the blank. I put a lot of time into finishing these rods to "perfection" so I hope this rod will provide a friend with many enjoyable moments on those alpine creeks. Thank you for looking!



Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kabuto white special

Here is a Kabuto 764-3 white that was requested by a gentlemen to be built in the memory of his lost daughter. 

Wrapped in YLI lilac silk. The striking dark hardware and the purple-white agate are a beautiful combination. The reel seat is my minimalist downlocking design in a beautiful dark nickel plating complemented by the blued nickel winding check. 

The wood insert is purpleheart wood wich is another one that I haven't used before and complements those pinkish purple wraps nicely.

A striking color scheme that I've never done before and this Kabuto could make a great fiberglass rod for a flyfishergirl or woman.

Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas! Thanks for looking.