Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sage TCR revamped

A personal rod I decided to rebuild recently.

The TCR was Jerry Siems ultrafast series back in 2002 that I consider one of his greatest rod designs. Also a rod that was quite controversial, marketed as only for expert casters. I do not consider this to be true, and it is more of a rod that needs a bit more casting work in order to learn how it works. You should learn how to cast afterall no matter what rod you are casting.

Despite what some folks say, it is not quite a broomstick in the hands of a skilled caster and paired with the right line. It still has a usable 5wt. tip for casting in closer range but lot of power down the butt for big fish, casting into the wind and reaching out on the other side of a river with a hopper or a streamer if you need it.

For picking up lots of line off the water and shooting long distances with a long bellied line like a Barrio GT125 is what this rod is best at.  In lakes, this thing excels with sinking lines. And with some newer fly line designs for single spey casting works pretty good as well.

I remember when I first got my hands on it about 15years ago...we paired it up with a Wullf TT wf6 line and damn it could cast! I still consider that line one of the best line picks on this rod.

Anyway, I find myself using this rod less in recent years and decided to give it some magic wand and revamp it. Because I have small hands, I have always struggled with the huge factory western grip it had so I decided to do a 6.5" snub-nose half wells grip and also shaved about 15-20grams from the total weight by adding this gorgeous REC aluminium reel seat that looks pretty close to the original if not better.

Besides a couple of light scratches on the blank the rod is as good as new now with perfectly finished wraps, built to last and looking for a new home.

This rod is available for immediate sale. I no longer have the original tube and bag, it comes in a dark olive Z-Axis tube and bag. I would let this bad boy go at $575 shipped anywhere. Please contact me if interested or if you have any questions. Thanks for looking and your interest!

Friday, May 8, 2020


Special rods for special folks. 

I built this sweet Sage ESN HD 10' #2 weight for a dear friend of mine. 

Classic and classy appointments like a gorgeous Bellinger NS upslide, flared end reel seat and a matching Struble agate, along with deep red silk wraps tipped in double white silk wraps.

The slim shaped snub-nose half wells handle feels perfect on this long, light rod. I pay very much attention to perfecting handle shape & sizes on my rods, because of the utmost importance in "feel" you get from a rod with a great proportioned handle.

Classic Sage LL hook keeper and a fine and polished NS winding check are "small" details that make a huge difference for a one-of-a-kind fly rod.

The new ESN HD from Sage is lighter, smoother, sweeter than its predecessor, also very sweet casting rod, feels shorter, very intuitive caster, unlike the older series. Simply loved casting it for a few minutes on the lawn, a true 2wt. and can also cast a 3wt. line very well with a slower pace.

Handcrafted, exquisite burgundy leather case. 

This ten foot two weight is a light dry-nymph fisherman's dream rod.

Monday, April 13, 2020

The Super Epic 476

This is one of the best four weights I have come across among the many fly rods I have built, cast and fished. For those who like to generate line speed combined with tip sensitivity and smooth casting should give this super 4wt. a try. I am sure there are many other great designs in glass I have yet to build.

Now this build is special all the way. Slight Mario Wojnicky style lower end with a touch of leather over the cork butt end instead of metal, is really neat. Something I've never done before. The Kabuto brown style wraps look great on the honey amber blank. Original Snake Brand snake guides and a classy Struble agate stripping guide. The gorgeous Oregon maple mortised wood insert finished in glass like epoxy and another set of Fine Tackle hardware I had from Christian, that I coated for a shiny finish. It's all about the small details in the finest handcrafted fly rods.

To top the above mentioned, the painstakingly crafted leather case by a transylvanian leather craftswoman with the Epic logo makes this rod one-of-its-kind. 

Stay safe everyone and hope we get out fishing soon!