Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Swift Epic 370

Just finished another Swift Epic 370.

I tend to like more modern look on these new blanks, the ultralight uplocking hardware and classy Struble vera wood are spot on, on this translucent olive beauty.

Half wells snub-nose grip is comfortable. I love casting this rod.

Light olive wraps tipped dark olive slightly. Clean and understated. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Two Sage builds

Here are a couple of very distinct, high-end Sage builds I finished recently. Although I don't use nickel silver reel seats much these days, these classy Bellinger uplocks are gorgeous, decently light compared to some older designs and they have a place for those "once-in-a-lifetime" fly rods. They represent the utmost quality in reel seat design and craftsmanship.

The ESN 3106-4 and the Mod 290-4 are two exceptional light line choices from Sage. I've wiggled some longer nymphing sticks in the past, but this ten foot six inches three weight is by far the lightest, most stable blank I've handled so far.

The Mod 290-4 is just a sweet dry fly or dry-dropper rod for small, fast flowing freestones, medium sized streams or spring creeks where a longer length is beneficial. For a very light weight nine foot two weight that's also stable and accurate, this is the one. It loads so easy in close quarters. I'm building one for myself this season. It's that sweet.

I used a burl madrone wood and a rare two-tone amboyna, custom turned by Bellinger, gorgeous Struble agates and e-coated Snake Brand guides.

These two are one-of-their-kind, heirloom quality fly rods. I hope you'll enjoy the photos!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Ijuin Hard Para

This 7'05" 4wt. is a special rod. Fast parabolic glass series by Ijuin rod. Buttery smooth and deep loading action with powerful, crisp tips for efficient loops and accuracy on medium sized rivers or spring creeks. 

The appointments on this translucent black blank are very minimal. NOS Struble D27-vera wood insert, translucent dark grey wraps tipped in gold here and there, all dark nickel hardware.

The handcrafted leather case makes this rod of heirloom quality.

Take a look at or cast it at the London fly fishing fair this march at the Alternative tackle booth.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Swift Epic 703

The smallest in the series. This seven foot three weight is such a smooth, easy casting rod that I think many new comers into the "glass world" will apreciate. 

Swift did a terrific job with the new composite called Zentron, wich offers a unique combination of properties, more strength and impact resistance and less weight than conventional S2-glass.

The new material feels a little bit crisper (higher modulus fiber) but smoother (refined tapers) than the old one, maybe in between glass and graphite for casting feel, but that could be a subjective statement.

There is a saying that materials come and go. Well, these blanks have beautiful progressive tapers, load incredibly easy and make precise casting at all ranges.

Overall, these new rods are slimmer and lighter, the Katana glass tubes add to that as well making for a very light package.

Check this beautiful 703 build. I have more coming this year. Thanks for looking!