Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sage X

The first Sage X build since it was released. A very light  seven weight for a salmon fisherman in Denmark. Classic style appointments with old school fighting butt, full wells handle, elegant Lemke uplocking-cocobolo wood reel seat, burgundy wraps and Dave Lewis style signature sunburn wraps. Gorgeous handcrafted burgundy leather case. Heirloom grade finish. One-of-its-kind. Thanks for looking!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Fisher brown. A rod with a story.

Here is a rare, vintage J.K. Fisher  phenolic brown glass build, in 7'6" 5wt.

In the 70's, John Kennedy Fisher rolled blanks for Winston and Scott in his plant in Carson city, Nevada.

Some say these Fisher browns were very similar to the popular Winston Stalker, designed by Tom Morgan, head designer at Winston Rod Company at that time. 

Might be a Winston blank, I don't know but it surely has that Winston feel.

I could compare it to the contemporary Morgan glass, but has slightly faster action, made from a bit heavier material, probably due to older resin system.

Overall it feels slightly heavier than modern glass, has very good reserve power and still very smooth. 

In fact, I am amazed how this vintage thing casts. I could bomb 60'-70' casts yet it feels still delicate and sweet when casted in close. Is there any other requirement for a 5wt. rod?  I think not.

I could easily call this Fisher brown the "Holy Grail" of five weight glass rods. Why I say this? Well because back then, they made rods for catching fish, and not fishermen.

Did J.K. Fisher copy some of Tom's designs from that time? Might as well be true..Nevertheless, this rod is proof  that great rods will be great rods even if fifty years have passed.

This rod remains a treasure of remarkable fly rod designs and a piece of flyfishing history that will never be reproduced.

Appointed in the Winston Stalker - Morgan style, this rod is special. I wish I kept it but decided to make someone else happy and will send it to Jory Ward, bamboo builder and friend in Utah.

I have found another 7' 5wt. that I think will turn into another great fly rod.

I hope you've enjoyed a good story. Thanks for looking!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Sage Mod 290

Here's a personal Sage Mod 290.

This fairly new light line trout rod from Sage sets the bar among long and light rods on the market. A longer length two weight, dry fly specialised rod made of a special graphite that is flexible yet responsive and fun to cast.

I like the Orvis Superfine line on this rod. It forms super sweet loops and enables precise, accurate casting. Can't praise this rod enough for how good it is. Keep in mind you'll have to be a good caster to really understand how this rod performs.

I like how Sage went for a specialized tool that isn't quite for everyone. If you waited too long (I know I did) for a cool nine foot two weight in your life, there you go, you've might just found it.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Superlight 299

A special euro-nymphing rod on a blank from Hanak competition in Czech Republic. The famous czech team uses this rod a lot.

As the name suggests, this rod is superlight for finesse nymphing with medium-fast tip and powerful butt section. This is a very unique configuration in 9'9" 2wt. that is fun on small-medium or bigger water, light enough for small fish, yet powerful enough for bigger fish. This rod has a very light swing weight, unlike other rods.

Appointed in a classic clean style, ultrafine grip transitioning seamleassly into the blank. Beautiful brown tone color complimented with local walnut wood and chestnut silk wraps with sunburn Dave Lewis style signature wraps.

More of these are coming as some exquisite folks who are primarly dry fly fishermen really appreciate a finely handcrafted nymphing rod.

Thanks for looking!