Monday, August 14, 2017

Winston LT 8'9" 4wt.

Here is another Winston LT 4wt. (NOS blank), this time in 8'9" length. This blank was supplied by a fisherman in France I happened to fish with last summer. I have another one to build later this year for a friend (379). These blanks are hard to find and they are beauties. I especially liked the 479, second favorite after the TMF. The rod is finished in classic grade (and Winston standard) with green silk wraps and bright hardware. I came across the original box elder Winston seat and a very cool vintage stripping guide wich I thought were appropiate. Rod bad and tube are my standard. Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Swift Epic 580 Nude

A special rod for a special friend. Alex's second Epic rod, built in my heirloom grade. Features a "state-of-the-art" Bellinger reel seat, the lightest available, a gorgeous spalted oak wood insert turned by Alex himself, and finished it in epoxy. Arguello agate blued to match the rest of the hardware and titanium snake guides wrapped in pale yellow silk tipped black. And I almost forgot, a gorgeous black leather case was crafted to complete the setup. One-of-its-kind, this rod is truly special. Use it well Alex! :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Swift Epic 480 Mocha

Another Mocha finished in presentation grade. This one will bend in CO this summer. Hope to have some fishy pics later. Thank for looking!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

RIP Tom Morgan

With great sadness, I have found out yesterday morning that Tom Morgan had passed away.
It's a sad day for rodbuilders and fly fishers alike. We have to apreciate what Tom Morgan has done in the world of fly rods and the sport in general. His design philosophy is unique and in the little time I have spent building a few of his new glass blank designs, I have noticed they were something special. I wish I could have more of his blanks at hand or that they will be produced again. I always enjoy re-reading his stories, articles or interviews....He was a kind person and a genius rod designer. A perfectionist. In the emails we exchanged in the last couple of years, I showed Tom some of the waters I fish. I knew he liked to talk about fishing. He found them to be very similar to the japanese mountain streams and he very much enjoyed my photos.

This is the last email I received from Tom, shortly before he sold the company. I feel honored to share it:
"Hello George,
Thank you for your good wishes. I have been in the rod business for 42 and am proud of my legacy. I think I have made some wonderful contributions first at Winston then at Tom Morgan Rodsmiths. My designs have always been based from a fisherman's point of view and not a tournament caster.
Gerri and I are confident we can find another angler who is passionate about fly fishing and can continue our company.
I'm 74 and ready to do some other things. One is writing a book on my fishing experiences in Montana before there were a lot of anglers. Anglers today will have a hard time believing my stories and the lack of fishermen.
Best regards,

Rest in peace Tom. You will be greatly missed.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Swift Epic 580 Mocha

Here's one of my hottest Swift Epic rods. The new Mocha in four pieces is not only a beautiful rod but an amazing caster as well. I think my norwegian friends will apreciate what a killer fly rod the new Epic 580 four piece really is.

Finished in my presentation grade. I blued the stripping guide and the winding check and gave them a protective coat. The wood insert is coated in epoxy (by hand) for a lustrous, gorgeous look and better durability.

All in all this Epic is one of its kind. I hope to see some beautiful big norwegian browns caught on it this summer. Thanks for looking!