Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sage Circa sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak of my new favorite Sage rod. This thing looks and performs better than the factory build from a distance. The rod will be showcased at the biggest flycasting event of the year here in Transylvania along with some other rods (graphite&fiberglass). Stay close for more pictures of this dark olive green beauty! Kabuto yellow 7043 and white 7643 in progress as well. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where fly fishing takes you

It's amazing where a fly rod can take you. I always said that it's not the size of the trout that matters in these places. Took my girlfriend and my tent and we headed out to camp on the river. She just loves to get away from the crowds during the hot summer months and I couldn't agree more. We arrived there at dusk, made a little fire, set our tent and we fished a bit the next day. It's always great to get out somewhere remote to find great sceneries and enjoy the solidute of our great outdoors. And eventually...find trout. But being out there, you soon realize it's not trout you're after. This might sound like a cliche but it's really how it is. It's simply breathtaking to be out and explore these highly treasured places.

I once showed some photos of the waters I fish to the great Tom Morgan. He very much compared them to the japanese trout streams and he highly recommended his "light 3wt." fiberglass blanks for this type of water. I discovered myself how a smooth E-glass fly rod is so proper in places like these. My light graphite rod gets thrown away in the trunk of the car nowadays and I see myself closer to becoming a glass geek. I just love the subtle way a glass rod can deliver the fly in gin clear water. There's nothing like fishing a silky smooth fiberglass rod especially in small, cristal clear water.

Hope you'll enjoy the photos below and good fishing everyone!



Thursday, August 7, 2014

Steffen 8' 5/6

Here is a "classic" grade Steffen build I just finished for a guy. A very clean and understated build appointed with chestnut wraps tipped in black, a modified full wells grip, dark nickel radiused style downslide reel seat with black walnut insert and blued matching winding check. I love the wood color on this one and I think is a perfect match to the chestnut silk wraps along with the dark hardware. Thanks for looking!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Backcountry trout

Ever since I started writing this blog, I had one simple ideea in mind. Besides my rod works, I wanted to showcase some of the last, most wild and pristine places to fish in Romania. Many of these places were lost in the last couple of years due to distructive micropowerplants that were built in the most remote parts of the Carpathian mountains. They are still threatening these beautiful rivers even today. The size of the damage on the biodiversity of these small river ecosystems is unimaginable by most people. They have taken most of the water out of these river valleys down into pipes and killed trout habitat for good. I'm very pesimistic on how they could be restored in the future.  

Below are photos of my allready famous and so called "Red Creek" from my two day fishing trip I did with a couple of good friends and my girlfriend.

We fished our old and trusted Sage TXL's along with a Blue Halo 8'4/5 glass rod (built as a demo) that is an amazing trout rod. The water was a bit stained and cold from the heavy rains lately but the trouts were on the feed. We did our best to capture them on our cameras. We also tried some filming with my good friend George, a dry fly addict from FFCS, but that's a project we have in mind to get better at in the closest future.

Hope you'll enjoy the photos almost all of them made by my girl, and just I can't thank her enough for joining me in this trip. I guess I'm a lucky bastard :)

I hope this river will continue to flow for many years to come as for me there isn't a more beautiful place left to fish in this country.

Cheers and good fishing everyone!