Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall trout

With the first yellow leaves, fall will take over the summer shortly. It is the time for the solitude seekers. Solitude without loneliness brings peace in the soul of the fisherman.

The trouts dressed in spawning colors now travel upstream for their annual ritual. It's great to just observe them in the low and clear water.

The heaviest drought in the last fifty years has seriously affected the transylvanian creeks. The water level is critical.

Still, the belowed trout gently sips the tiny mayflies and midges. A slight drop in the temperatures is favorable for the small insects to hatch. These gentle sips in the surface are the signs of a first fall hatch. Everything moves in slow motion. It's almost like time stands still. The colors are so intense. A small fly presented with a slow, deliberate motion is challenging. The trout can spook easily. With controlled casting movements, the fisherman places its tiny dry fly in the low and slow moving water hoping that one will rise again. After a few seconds, the trout slowly takes the perfectly presented Adams in size #18 at the end of a 7x tippet. The fisherman strikes lightly. The delicate #0 weight fly rod bends and a colorful wild brown trout delights both the fisherman and the camera. After a few photographs, the beautiful colored fish is slowly released back into the creek, where it belongs.

Fall is quiet and breathtaking.

The fall fishing memories will take the solitude seeker through the long winter. Good fishing!

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juventinu88 said...

Nice colours on those guys!