Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sage TXL-F

Here is a beautiful Sage TXL-F in 7'10" 3wt. To make it cristal clear. I wish I would build me a rod like this!

A customer gave me the opportunity to build a custom rod on this new blank from Sage. Perfectly appointed with a dark nickel silver Struble reel seat and walnut wood insert, titanium carbide low profile snake guides and stripping guide. 

The new rusty brown color of the new TXL-F series is simply gorgeous. The rod is wrapped in bronze silk and the signature wraps in metallic bronze perfectly complement the blank, reel seat and hardware. 
I find it to have more crispness than the old TXL, wich I still preffer for small stream fishing, my favorite small stream stick ever since it came out. 

This rod became available since it's owner doesn't get to fish it much. The rod is like new, cast once. Price is $595 shipped. Email me if interested and thanks for looking!


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