Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The "thought" rod.

Yes, you've guessed well. This is another Tom Morgan 803 build and my last one unfortunately. My intention was to fish this rod in the gin clear streams of Romania this season. It could be a keeper or it could not. For me, even if a rod is highly collectable, if it doesn't cast and fish like it was intended, most likely will find a new owner. But this rod has a feel that no other rod has. It has the distinctive Winston "feel" but then it has even more due to the fiberglass material and magic touch of the great man and rod designer, Tom Morgan.

I took a bit more time to cast this beauty and..indeed this rod has an amazing touch and feel. Until the fishing season there are still a couple of months. Meanwhile this rod (and myself) will be present at the London Fly Fishing Fair thanks to Alternative Tackle 's  kind invitation to be part of this event along with other highly respected, very talented rod makers around. I feel very honored to participate and I hope to see some of you folks that follow and like the stuff that I do in London on the 23-24'th of march at the Alternative Tackle booth. Come and try a rod out at the casting pool and talk fly rod stuff. Thanks for looking!

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