Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Special rods. London Fly Fishing Fair.

Here are some pics of the rods I built for the London Fly Fishing Fair. A Morgan glass 8'#3, a vintage J.K. Fisher Phenolic Glass (or the so called Light Line Glass) in 7'6" #3 (70's blank), the legendary Sage LL 8'9" #3 (NOS graphite III blank) and a vintage Steffen graphite in 8'6" #4 in three pieces and a rare blue color. There were a couple more glass rods I built for Alternative Tackle so a pretty comprehensive line of rods to say so with both modern and vintage designs .

I had the privilege to meet highly named builders like Kazutomo Ijuin, Chris Barclay, Christian Horgren, Nico Vreugdenhill, Luke Bannister and Callum Gladstone (Luke and Callum make some incredible bamboo rods) and other fantastic individuals. The show was an absolute blast. The level of the craftsmanship was as high as can be expected, the number of rods  that each builder brought was impressive and surely this was a  great time to show that glass is actually alive and kicking.

Huge thanks to Mark and Zack at Alternative Tackle for making this event possible. It was a great privilege to be a part of it!

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