Monday, May 30, 2016

Sage Mod

I recently finished this gorgeous Sage rod, their latest offering called the Mod. First thing that striked me about this rod was the color, of course. The next thing was how light this thing felt for a nine foot four weight rod. 

Sage created a unique rod that is very different to what they had in their line before. The blank itself has a very interesting combination of a parabolic-progressive taper design that bends somewhat like the older rods but will most likely outperform any of them. This thing is a highly effective rod not only for technical dry fly fishing but also for euro-nymphing, as I've been able to find out this spring on my local river. It is deadly accurate with long leader single or double nymph french style rigs and due to the taper design, casting a long leader has never been easier. 

I could do it all well with this Mod 490-4 myself because it feels so light in the hand, but for me and the conditions here a 390-4 (or even 290-4) will probably be the perfect dry-nymph rod. For the relaxed casting guy this rod might probably shine, not only because it's a looker but because it does so well for what it was indended. Close-in to medium distances, and like any Sage rod, will cast far if you need it to.

The build is my classic grade. A striking combination of bright silver hardware with a rare piece of amboyna wood (two toned). The classic Universal snake guides and Mildrum type stripping guide are a perfect match and they are wrapped in a classy gold silk with dark red signature wraps. The handle is made of premium cork in a comfortable, reversed half wells shape. I didn't want to do a green to green color scheme and I think it came out pretty great.

This rod might become available but I'll let you know about that later. Meanwhile thanks for looking and I hope you'll enjoy the pictures.


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