Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sage ESN

While I'm not totally a fan of all the new Sage offerings in the new tech they have currently, this one along with a few other blank models (Circa 389, 589) are seriously changing the game in the light trout category. The ESN 2100-4 is an amazing rod not only for short line nymphing or small water, but also for big river dry fly fishing or even light streamer fishing. While the tip section might seem very soft or Winston-ish like, the rod's action is quite sweet and well balanced overall for river fishing conditions. I would not call it a medium action rod in any case. The ESN has a ton of power down low with a very light, lively tip, all in a very slim diameter construction. For casting, the rod works really well overlined with a Rio Gold wf3-4 and you can really feel the power on those longer casts. For those who like to have the advantages and versatility of a longer, lighter rod for river fishing conditions, this might be the one.

And because I really like to build exquisite rods from only the finest blanks out there, this rod deserved the best of everything.

The rod was elegantly appointed with a slightly longer, thinner snub-nose style handle that is very comfortable. The nickel silver contrasts of the exceptional Bellinger reel seat with beautiful knurling, the gorgeous and timeless amboyna stabilized wood insert (turned in house) make for a perfect match for the dark olive-green color of this blank. Snake Brand Universal guides with Struble light amber agate wrapped in fine silk were complemented with a well polished and reduced in size nickel silver Goldenwitch winding check and a strap-and-ring hook keeper. To really complete the setup, a finely handcrafted leather rod case was added (heirloom grade).

This is my finest example of how a big name blank can be built to perfection, to withstand the test of time and hard fishing days, yet still be an elegant fishing tool. Thanks for looking!

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