Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where fly fishing takes you

It's amazing where a fly rod can take you. I always said that it's not the size of the trout that matters in these places. Took my girlfriend and my tent and we headed out to camp on the river. She just loves to get away from the crowds during the hot summer months. We arrived there at dusk, made a little fire, set our tent and we fished a bit the next day. It's always great to get out somewhere remote to find great sceneries and enjoy the solidute of our great outdoors. And eventually...find trout. But being out there, you soon realize it's not trout you're after. This might sound like a cliche but it's really how it is. It's simply breathtaking to be out and explore these highly treasured places.

I once showed some photos of the waters I fish to the great Tom Morgan. He very much compared them to the japanese trout streams and he highly recommended his "light 3wt." fiberglass blanks for this type of water. I discovered myself how a smooth E-glass fly rod is so proper in places like these. My light graphite rod gets thrown away in the trunk of the car nowadays and I see myself closer to becoming a glass geek. I just love the subtle way a glass rod can deliver the fly in gin clear water. There's nothing like fishing a silky smooth fiberglass rod especially in small, cristal clear water.

Hope you'll enjoy the photos below and good fishing everyone!



Jay said...

I always feel guilty if I take my wife (then girl friend) on a fishing trip. I want to fish all day, but I know I have to spend a good part of the day with her.

So basically when I go on a fishing trip these days, no women. :-)

George Minculete said...

Jay I agree for the spring days and fall when you can fish all day. Right now, in the heat of the summer, it's allright because fishing is really slow in mid day. I basically fish in the morning and evening :)