Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sage Circa sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak of my new favorite Sage rod. This thing looks and performs better than the factory build from a distance. The rod will be showcased at the biggest flycasting event of the year here in Transylvania along with some other rods (graphite&fiberglass). Stay close for more pictures of this dark olive green beauty! Kabuto yellow 7043 and white 7643 in progress as well. Thanks for looking!


Jay said...

The Circa's sure casts nice.
I've cast the 8.9ft (I think?) #4 and that rod is amazing.
The 7.9ft #3 or #4 (not sure which one) didn't impress me that much.

I'm sure the Circa you're finishing will look superb.
Looks like you (or your customer) didn't want the mini wells grip, like the factory rod?

George Minculete said...

Jay, yes I built the rod how I thought it would be best. The deeper more progressive action of the Circa "screams" for a classy, slimmer cigar shaped handle. The dark olive wraps are slightly preserved for a crisper color and some sparkle. As for the guide selection, I really think they went too far with the sizing. I went smaller (same sizing as on the LL serios) and the rod feels and casts better. It's one of the greatest blank designs from Sage for sure and I'm looking forward to try the 389-4 and maybe the 279-4 on my small streams sometime.

Jay said...

Your comment on the guide selection is very interesting!
I knew that placing the amount & place of the guides alter the action of the rod but not as much as you say.

The size (thickness of the wire and the opening of the guide) of most rod companies like Sage are way too big indeed. If they used light wire & size the rod would feel a lot livelier.

George Minculete said...

Sage used smaller guides in the past. Light wire guides are to be used in some cases (mostly on the tip sections of fast actions rods) but not the case with the Circa. It still needs regular wire snakes.