Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Five Rivers FT "2 weight" again...but not just another

So I finnaly refinished my very personal fly rod for wich I waited a little while in order to receive some stunning components from Mike McCoy (
This is my first triple feather inlay and first use of fine silk for wrappings and gotta say I'm pretty happy with these colours. The reel seat is a special Struble U24 with amboyna two tone wood spacer that really adds a nice caracter to the rod.
The rod's finish is not the original finish (satin grey) because this rod had to be sanded unfortunately in order to be after a lot of work with the sanding I installed these beautiful guides on my very favorite trout stick from Dan Craft Enterprises.
Allthough it is rated as a very subjective 2 weight, being a very powerfull rod in the lower butt section, this rod requires more weight to be properly loaded.
With flexing in the upper third this rod is a very versatile fly rod, able to cast a variety of lines from 3 up to even 5 weight. It could easily be rated in a more objective way as a 3-5 wt. rod due to the unique taper design...usually fast action rods will cast more line weights (flexing more or less, depending on the line used) than slower action rods.
The important thing about this rod is that the taper is so built that will never run out of power and it's really easy to reach out long distances with it, while the flexible tip offers great tippet protection, fine presentations when needed and easy loading at shorter distances.
This particular rod has given me some great fishing times, with it's very light weight and superb feel when playing a fish. It's actually a rod that fishes well with a 3, 4 or 5 weight line but feels so much lighter than a standard 9 footer that you may have been familiar with.
This is not the "broomstick fast action rod" that some advertise their rods as to be nor the average rod of many big companies (contrary to it's decent price) and will make a difference in your cast and present a dry fly with great accuracy...give it a try!!


claus Bech-Petersen said...

Very nice rod. Wonderful thread work.

George M, said...

Thanks Claus for stopping by and your nice thoughts..I'm hoping for more to come..

RedTag said...

that's again a beauty. I really like the silk wraps. Must try myself on one of my next rods.
The FT's always feel light in the hand because of their thin tip sections. Especially the 4, 5 and 6wt's are my most sold blanks.

Carl McNeil said...

Dude, these rods are absolutely beautiful - would love to cast one!