Friday, March 27, 2009

3 weight in test...

Until the new FTXL are coming check out one of my favorite trout rods...This sweet 3 weight that was posted for sale this winter has now finally found an buddy Zsolt decided he needs my best build trout rod and I'm pretty happy it remained close to me and I get to cast it once in a while:))
I just glued this amazing upslide reel seat from Bellinger at Zsolt's request instead of the clasic uplocking...I ordered this seat initially for me and I can say this is a fantastic complement to this fine trout rod...It proved to be very light and holds the reel tight with beautiful hardware and stunning black ash burl stabilized wood...a truly piece of jewerly...could you expect anything else from Bellinger?
We test cast this rod after the long winter and has proved again to be one heck of a smooth one with very fast recovery...throws some really nice&tight loops:))This rod reminds me so much of the Sage XP 8' 3 weight..smooth and crisp...
It's great to have smooth loading and speed in the same time...Great job designing this Signature V blank Dan!! Cheers!!

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