Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Superlight 299

A special euro-nymphing rod on a blank from Hanak competition in Czech Republic. The famous czech team uses this rod a lot.

As the name suggests, this rod is superlight for finesse nymphing with medium-fast tip and powerful butt section. This is a very unique configuration in 9'9" 2wt. that is fun on small-medium or bigger water, light enough for small fish, yet powerful enough for bigger fish. This rod has a very light swing weight, unlike other rods.

Appointed in a classic clean style, ultrafine grip transitioning seamleassly into the blank. Beautiful brown tone color complimented with local walnut wood and chestnut silk wraps with sunburn Dave Lewis style signature wraps.

More of these are coming as some exquisite folks who are primarly dry fly fishermen really appreciate a finely handcrafted nymphing rod.

Thanks for looking!

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