Wednesday, October 4, 2017

James Green glass

This is a first project on one of James Green's glass blanks. This is his medium-slow "Heritage trout" series built on request for a friend in France who provided the blank. Philippe wanted a slow action rod appointed more or less in Mario Wojnicki's style. This 8' 2wt. is probably the slowest taper I've seen or built. There's a nice smooth feel to the rod but one would have to be a good caster to fish this one. Roll casts really nice and can throw some nice arrow loops pretty well with some casting work. 

The rod is appointed with a tiny Mildrum stripping guide, smallest snake guides wrapped in chestnut silk and Struble imbuya wood insert with two nickel silver sliding rings I had from my old Sage SPL I just rebuilt. Also a small fighting but with the butt plate from the SPL.

This rod is pretty unique and for a collector guy is really neat to have or someone that just wants the lightest weight glass available from an american manufacturer. Thanks for looking!

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