Thursday, July 28, 2016

Swift Epic 580

A fresh new Epic build. The 580 in the new four piece configuration is another winner from Swift.

Designed to be a workhorse, this rod was fitted in my classic grade with a more modern look. A standard ceramic stripping guide and regular hard chrome snake guides. The slate grey wraps perfectly complement the dyed grey buckeye burl insert and Rec NS hardware set. This is a rare piece of wood I happened to come across and an insanely beautiful one. It was turned in shop and no varnish this time but oil finished for a satin look and the wood was stabilized for durability. I like the looks of it very much. The handle is the best quality cork like always, and a modified wells-snub nose shape that is very comfortable.

Folks have asked how the new four piece Epic rods cast. I did some lawn casting on grass before it headed out and I can tell you...this rod is truly up to the hype. What a great caster. Very smooth, crisp, easy loading and delivers a ton of line speed but with the smooth delivery of glass.

I'm looking forward to build more of these beauties in the near future. Thanks for looking!


1 comment:

Jay said...

Super as always.
Almost as nice as my Limited Edition 580 ;)