Sunday, October 11, 2015

A day on the river

Fall is my favorite time in the season when everything slows down on the river. Grayling fishing in the fall is one of the most intimate fishing you can do. Slow and steady fishing is the key. I like to concentrate on those perfect drifts, swings and subtle takes this time of the year. It's so relaxing.
On a relatively cold and cloudy day, I tossed a few things in the car and gone we were to find graylings. My dog Rosie is always eager to go fishing with me. I couldn't have had a better company. We headed out deep in the woods to find the low and clear river. No fisherman around, just the solitude and quietness of the river. This river is perfect for some classic fishing like swinging wets, besides dry fly fishing. I used to fish this river ten-fifteen years ago when it was in far better shape than now, but is always good to come back. Brings back alot of great memories with every fish caught or familiar spot. Nothing was rising and no sign of the sun either. We found those beautiful colored graylings in the end. Also some chubs and one trout on the old soft hackle flymphs. Rosie had fun smelling interesting new things despite having to follow me in the icy cold water. We had such a beautiful day on the water together. To me this is flyfishing. Good fishing!






"Listen to the sound of the river and you will get a trout." (irish proverb)

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