Monday, May 4, 2015

First day

While many have already had a lot of good fishing days here in Europe, in Romania trout season just started (first of may).

This blog of mine is mainly focusing on my rodbuilding works. I often think what would those rods be without any fishing related to them. I rarely have the time to fish these days and even more rarely build any new rods for myself. But when I get a chance I like to get the most of it (pictures of fish, river shots, special rod etc.).

Rain doesn't scare me anymore ever since the norwegian experience, so me and a friend decided to do a first day of fishing together like in the good old days.

No serious hatch happened yet, so czech nymphing was appropiate because of our spring conditions here. My rod of choice is the old trusty TCR #4, a dt2 line with a czech tapered indicator, short leader and two weighted nymphs. It's becoming harder and harder to find good sized trouts on romanian rivers. A thing that worries me a lot.

A picture's worth a thousand words so.. Cheers and good fishing everyone!






Jay said...

Hi George,

Getting out for the first time is always special.
Looks like you enjoyed in spite of the rain.

George Minculete said...

Hi Jay, indeed it always feels magical getting out on the river for the first time in the season. And to take picture of a trout next to your rod is a great bonus. Can't really ask for more.

I plan to fish a hidden stream soon that I have seen only on Google Earth. Hope there's fish in it :)