Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kabuto brown presentation build

Well ever since I started building rods on these amazing modern fiberglass blanks, I was fascinated by the variety of colors and the many possibilities of combining silk threads, wood inserts, components etc.

It will be very hard for me to build a more striking yet understated Kabuto brown build than this awesome 6'6' 2wt. beauty here. I went pretty much "bananas" by using nickel silver accents on this custom painted, slightly darker honey brown blank and white ink inscribing, which would be a first on a Kabuto brown blank, and something it crossed my mind very late in the building process. The cork mortised sliding band reel seat is elegant, and also a first on one of my glass builds. So far I love it and you'll see more builds in this style soon. 

And with the new addition to my rod work, the handcrafted, custom painted leather rod tube, truly sets this Kabuto apart from all the others I personally have done so far. This litlle glass rod has a very "bamboo-like" feel, snappy action with a very fine tip to protect the finest tippets and will make a perfect small stream rod.

I hope it will make its owner very happy. Thanks everyone for looking at my work!





Jay said...

As always, just excellent job my friend!

As mentioned earlier, I like how you make sure the proportions are right => 11 cork rings instead of 12 to make sure the grip length doesn't look too long/large compared to the length of the rod & line weight.

George Minculete said...

Thank you Jay!

I agree with you on handle sizing. But as an exception, on the next build (Morgan 7' 3wt.) the guy requested a longer cigar shape (13 cork pieces). So I'll have to figure out a shape of a handle that will not look too big on that little rod. Cheers!