Monday, May 12, 2014

Steffen 7'9" 3/4wt.

Because each rod I build has its own story, I'll tell you the short version of a very special Steffen rod, one that I am particulary proud of.

I loved the ideea of creating a very different Steffen build in all aspects especially in those that I haven't had the chance to point up so far. The ideea of an elegant leather tube that would complement a classy, striking fiberglass build was in mind for a long time. There are many leather craftsmen in Transylvania, some of them are too old to be easy to work with. But finally the long wait was over and I discovered recently that one of my best friends from college had a bigger brother who learned the craft from an old craftsman. Long story short. I'm showing you his second work and I am very grateful that that he's put his time and knowledge to create this beauty of a rod tube to complement this special fly rod. The leather was dyed and waxed for a lustrous finish, just like those Steffen blanks deserve. I really hope you'll like it and that you'll take into consideration that the results you are seeing today took ten straight years of very hard work.

This is a heirloom quality rod, available on special requests only and can take longer to make. Thank you for looking.

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