Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sage Circa 8'9" #5

This is one of those builds.. I love this rod so much I ordered myself a blank right away. The lightest, "skinniest" 5wt. ever made by Sage. Very smooth, lively, accurate. A medium fast action rod (not even close to slow) with a progressive taper but amazing recovery speed. Can be a good all around rod but it will excel on dry flies and those trick casts that I like. I like to cast it with a lighter line (#4 or even #3) because I like quicker action (not stiff rods). The Circa is a very special rod, feels ultralight in the hand, has a very small diameter, similar to the TXL series wich is pretty amazing for a rod of this size. I didn't go much different than the factory build, except the handle and a slightly lighter silk thread. I did use smaller guides that the factory build because it feels more responsive. This rod may be the perfect trout rod for those who like medium fast action rods. Rod is built for a friend in Norway. Thanks for looking!



Jay said...

I've tried a friend's Sage 589 and it's indeed a very nice rod. Very small diameter of the blank. Looks almost 'unnatural'.
But I will behave and not add another 5 weight rod. :)

Nice loops George!

George Minculete said...

It's not another 5wt. rod Jay :)

I tried the 4wt. Circa as well but this 5wt. casts lines from #3 to #5 equally well.

It has the same diameter as the old TXL's.


Jay said...

Ah, you know George, there will always be the next best rod. Just like the hot lady walking by... :)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the cosmetics of your Circa. And for sure I'd like to cast it one day!

It's indeed strange(?) that one model in a series casts/feels better/nicer than the other. Looks like the 589 Circa is the nicest rod in the series.

George Minculete said...

I totally agree Jay! :) I'm also thinking the 479-4 will feel very nice. But that one will have to wait.
I hope I will come up with another color scheme on mine but this one looks just fine for me too :) Also would love to have you give it a try :)