Friday, January 24, 2014

Steffen Bros. 7'9" #4/5

After a serious photo shoot in a cold rain and snow wich was well worth it, I can certainly say that this is my absolute favorite Steffen Brothers fiberglass rod build to come out from my shop. This dark beauty is a "soul healer" and was a pure joy to work on and to photograph. It will soon find its way across the "big pond" to his new home in Nova Scotia, Canada and hopefully make a folk happy. Hope you'll enjoy these photos and thank you for looking everyone!


Anonymous said...

As always...beautiful...Hope you have some magic left in those hands to do mine!

Clayfish71 said...

Terrific work, George!

George Minculete said...

Thanks guys! It's one of my soul rods. Hard to let it go but I hope I'll build me one too before the summer is here. Cheers!