Friday, November 15, 2013

Orvis Superfine Touch 7'6" 1wt.

A first Orvis project that was just finished! This is a sweet 7'6" 4pcs. 1wt. little rod that I absolutely love for those small streams. Fitted with burnt orange wraps and matching amboyna wood spacer, Struble D2S nickel silver reel seat and Arcane orange agate bezelled in nickel silver. Short superfine cigar handle. Gold signature wraps, Orvis logo in gold writing, aligment dots in black and my hand signature in black. Rod comes with the ultralight Orvis graphite rod tube and original Orvis bag. This rod is sold. One more blank is available. Thanks for looking!

More here !!


Jay said...

Well done George!

Hmm… I love the older (ultra light) Orvis Superfine rods: Tippet and Ultrafine. Amazing rods on small streams. Very delicate but they can cast big and/or heavy flies when needed!

George Minculete said...

Jay, I've once hold an old Superfine in my hand and I remember it had a nice full flex feel. The new ones are not bad at all either. So far I love this 7'6" 1wt. Looking forward to see more of them. I might retire my old Sage TXL :)Thanks!