Sunday, August 18, 2013

Steffen 8'6" #6/7

A new bad boy of a fly rod is born. One-of-a-kind "bronze edition" Steffen rod for a good friend in Denmark. This is one of those rods that is most time consuming. It's builds like this that make me say to myself I won't do many of them in this lifetime. Wonder when I'll have the time to build me one of these exceptional blanks rolled in a small number by Mark Steffen in Flagstaff, Arizona.
Inscripted in blood red. I think it looks cool with the bronze wraps and guides.
Fully saltwater safe, with titanium-bronze guides and anodized reel seat. The reel seat is made by Joel Lemke and it resembles the highly popular Struble U20 but in a larger diameter.

As for higher glass weights, I was skeptical in the beggining like many graphite rod users are, especially when we talk about a six or seven weight glass rod. Worries are gone when you pick up and cast a Steffen or the new Epic rods. I like both though. An Epic 686 will feel lighter on the tip, in fact all Epics have a lighter tip than most glass available, and most certainly are the best casting glass sticks ...but...

Compared to an Epic rod wich feels crisper and lighter, Steffen S-glass stands out on its own, bringing lots of reserve power for longer casts and bigger fish, all in a smooth package. And there is something about the appereance of a classy spiral finished&spigot ferruled blank.

To be really honest here, if one is a glass fisherman, then it has to have both :)

These last two rods finished are both going to the same guy and will be tested on serious fish in the saltwater. Ten-twenty pounds sea run trouts? Bring them on Peter! :)

Thanks for looking and hope you'll enjoy the pictures!



Jay said...

Lovely again George!

I like the reel seat and the small extension butt!
What brand is the butt?

George Minculete said...

Jay, the fighting butt is turned by my own hands just as the handles:) Thanks!

Jay said...

George, that's superbly done!

I'm sure now, next rod will be a 'saltwater-ish' rod built by you!

I sold my Z-Axis 691 (saltwater version) a few months ago because I never fish in or around saltwater... :)

Hmmm.... Let me think of an excuse to get one again.

George Minculete said...

Suuure :)