Sunday, May 27, 2012

Winston Boron IIX. New project in progress.

Here is my second Winston rod project that I'd been neglecting for a couple months when I've finished the handle and the fighting butt. Just as my previous Winston LT rod project, I intend on keeping this build close to the original Winston rod with slight modifications such as the stripping guides and the reel seat, which are by all standards, classy. Winston Rod Company was kind enough to send me the genuine rod cloth logo for this rod and I thank them for that. I bought this blank last year when Winston discountinued the BIIX series because I was most impressed on this 8 wt. A client called shortly after that asking me if I can build him an 7 or 8 wt. rod. This rod was sold long before I'd even get a chance to start working on it.
So here's how this amazing Boron IIX 9084 looks like right now. I'm looking forward to see it finished the upcoming week. Stay posted and thanks for looking!

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