Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sage TCR 696-4

Back in 2002, Sage established a new benchmark in high performance fast action rods. The ultrafast series called the TCR were the perfect tools for distance, wind or sinking lines. They still are today. Good fly rod designs will still be good designs no matter if 10 years have passed since the most technical casting rod was first released. For this truly special rod, I complemented the "chilli pepper" colored TCR blank with a dark orange thread, double metallic bronze and black ferrule signature wraps, a beautiful Lemke design uplocking black nickel reel seat with cocobolo wood insert (a great match for the TCR), a fine cork handle and fighting butt. The titanium snake guides are a great upgrade to the factory build and they are a better option for hardcore anglers. These hard chrome titanium coated guides can take more abuse than standard hard chrome guides. For a more elegant look I added the end cap of the reel seat at the end of the cork butt to fully complement the reel seat hardware. And to make it even more functionable, the aligment dots are a nice addition for easier assembly of the rod. Thanks for looking!



Jay said...

To bad Sage blanks have this ugly text on their blanks... Can you remove the text and place a nice written text on it instead?

George Minculete said...

Thanks Jay, yeah I did it on a couple of blanks. I don't really mind it. Cheers!