Friday, September 24, 2010

The Dark special

Hi everyone!
Here is my latest, most handsome, most special and most expensive rod built by me so far on a DC blank.
You will notice that everything on this rod is dark colored (green, grey, black nickel silver, buckeye wood, titanium guide trims, dark nickel "universal" snake guides)..also a special "foam green" agate guide with black nickel frame complements this amazing rod..the blank used is the latest Dan Craft Signature V 966-4 (generation 5) that has a paper thin graphite scrim for ultimate sensitivity and lightness..."he" is on the fast side and incredibly smoooooth!
This rod has all of the best materials and components available today as well as a very unique Struble dark nickel buckeye burl insert that is not available anywhere, not even at Struble, only on special orders for special folks..:)
Any questions and comments will be highly apreciated!
Thankx for looking and your thoughts!