Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grayling bum...

Graylings are in my oppinion the best fish to be caught on dry flies with ultralight rods (0-2wt.'s).. sometimes they'll take the fly easy, sometimes they are picky, but they do it gracefully and they are friendly fish and "teach" you how to do it until you do it right..here is a home water that I grew up on as a grayling bum...this time an eastern Carpathians Mountains river, very beautiful scenery..alive and well after some very harsh years...this river is long..73 kilometers of pure dry fly water! I'll be casting lots of loops on it this fall season!!

My dog says this is good grayling water:)

Upper section..trout only..bear country..


Dragos Bora said...

Frumos! Cainele e labrador negru, ca al lui Putin? :-)

George Minculete, said...

Da labrador e..ii place apa si simte lipanii de la o posta :))