Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Red Creek...adventures from the past

Oh well, for those who are unfamiliar with waters from the Carpathians mountains, I'm ready to show you some...This stream is very close to my heart and I always come back here no matter what new places I discover...It's my home water and it's the magic place that can turn anyone into a troutbum from the first rise...This is the place where I caught my first wild trout on a dry fly..
The small pockets combined with big pools or fast currents are all to be found here...
The beautiful wild brown trouts are the only salmonid inhabitants of the Red Creek.. If you ever wanna throw some tight loops on my favorite stream.....prepare yourself for a very unique experience and plenty of wilderness...I'll give you some colors on the next stop here..And show you some very beautifully colored trouts......hiding in some of the tightest spots or fastest runs where many of us never have thought that can hold trout...Until then...
Thanks for the visit and tightloops!!

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